Oenslager Mystery Rendering

In November 1997, this rendering was found in the property shop at the Rochester Civic Theatre in Rochester, Minnesota. No one had any idea about how the rendering got to Rochester, Minnesota. It was given as a gift to guest scenic designer Ann Gumpper, who recognized the historical and artistic importance of the piece.

There are no indentifying marks on the rendering other than the scale 1/2"=1' in the lower left hand corner and the USAA seal and Oenslager's signature in the lower right hand corner.

The rendering is assumably a backdrop of birch trees along a river bank. An overturned rowboat is at the bottom center of the drop.

Can you help us identify what production this rendering came from?

Full Scale View

Any information you have concerning this rendering can be sent to Mark Harvey at mharvey@d.umn.edu