The University of Minnesota Duluth
Department of Theatre


Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Kate Ufema
Scenic Design by Nicolae Ularu
Costume Design by Brook Carl
Lighting Design by Mark Harvey

April 18-27, 2002
Marshall Performing Arts Center

Lighting Design Approach

UMD's production of Romeo and Juliet was a play of passions that contrasted like night and day. Passions of the night included romance and love at first sight. Passions of the day were emotional outbursts of anger and violence.

The lighting design supported this concept by double hanging all functions with daylight and nighttime colors. Daylight scenes were of hot dusty confrontations in the city streets, or stark discoveries of unspeakable deeds.

In daytime scenes Lord Capulet unwittingly compels his daughter, who is already secretly married to Romeo, to honor his vow giving her as wife to the County Paris.

While her mothers believes Juliet is preparing herself for her wedding with Paris, Juliet has reuniting with her husband, Romeo, in mind.


With only Friar Laurence's knowledge, Juliet drinks a potion that gives her family the impression of suicide.

It is during the romance of the night that Romeo comes to the Capulet's party and falls in love with Juliet.

In the promise of the night, Romeo and Juliet consummate their secret marriage.

The tragic price of two feuding families, Romeo and Juliet find a place together only in death.

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