TH 4501
Advanced Stage Lighting

(Color - Intensity - Angle)

Step 1: Choose a photo.

Choose a photo with interesting lighting effects that can be recreated in the Light Lab. Consider restraints of the space when choosing a photo for the project. Photos that work best tend to light specific objects rather than photos of scenic vistas. Photos employing trick photography are not acceptable.

Step 2: Go to the orientation lab.

Class time will be scheduled to demonstrate how to operate the Light Lab. Bring a quality print of the photo to the orientation lab.

Step 3: Schedule work time.

A weekly schedule will be posted on the MPAC 51 door. Blocking time for more than two hours for a single project is not permitted Create a Color Key indicating light sources, angles and color media chosen.

Step 4: Present project to the class.

Be prepared to discuss with the class the process you wnet through to complete the project. Exxplanations rergarding why specific instrument types, angles, colors and intensities worked best will have the more successful demonstration.

Step 5: Hand in both parts of the project.

• Photo used in the project
• Color key

Due: March 27