Electrical Connectors for the Theatre


Parallel blade, common household, with or without ground, 15 amp rating

Stage Pin

Common theatre use, 20 amp rating


Specific theatrical applications, 20 amp rating

Union Connector - requires aluminum terminals crimped to stranded wire leads. Terminal eyelets are then attached with brass screws.

Bates Connector - new design that does not require terminals and provides better strain relief.

What's Wrong with This Plug?
So, what's wrong with this plug?
Circuiting Needs

Spider cable
Required for cabling from instrument location to an available circuit.

Needed to connect instruments with one type of connector to circuits with another type of connector.

Used to connect two instruments to a single circuit.

Many cables in a single bundle.
UMD Theatre owns 3 six-circuit multi-cables.

Cable cart, catwalk
Tie cables individually

Length Coding

Red = 5'-0"+
Yellow/Orange = 10'-0"+
Blue = 25'-0"+
Green = 50'-0"+