Digital Lighting Control Consoles

ETC Ion Control Console

ETC Expression III Control Console


- current view of levels on stage
- view of recorded cues without changing current view on stage.
Set-up - Use to record your file.

Screen Diagrams

Left Screen Right Screen
Mode Label Grand Master Setting
Keypad Prompt Window Cue Sheet
Channel Display (Expand) Submaster Window
Cue/Submaster Description Line Fader Windows
Fader Windows Submaster Descriptions
Operator Prompt Line  
Page Display  

Channel Modes

Reversed Red - Selected Channels
(Red box with white numbers)

Red - Captured Channels
Captured channels will not move when playing back cues.

Click the Release Button to Uncapture channels.

Blue - Recorded Channels

Green - Tracked Channels
Channels that have not changed from previous cues.

Record Function

Record - in Stage Mode
(What you see on stage is what is recorded )

Record - in Blind Mode
(Cues are modified without the benefit of seeing the cue on stage.)

Track/Cue Only
(Indication of levels for individual channel for single cue or all cues following.)

Creating Cues

Creating cues in Stage Mode
Time: modifying up/down/wait fade times
Hang/Follow: cues that begin automatically after previous cue.
Link: cues that follow automatically out of sequence.
Inserting cues: Cues can be added as decimal cues .1-.9
Deleting cues: Cue only

Soft Keys: (S1 - S4)
More Soft Keys

Automated Fixtures

Intelligent Lights : Choose fixture 1, 2, 3 or 4
Choose a focus point

Wheels at top of console operate appropriate channels

LEDs: Choose fixtures 5 htrough 10

PhotoFlood: Choose fixtures 11 through 20
Flashes only (10 hour lamp life)

Playing Back Cues

A/B fader & C/D fader

• Rate wheel
• Going to a different cue [GotoCue] [#] [Enter]
• Controlling fades manually


Creating Submasters

• Creating Pile-on submaster
• Controlling submaster faders manually
• Bump buttons
• Creating Inhibitive submasters

Saving Your Work

• Save show on hard drive
• File/Save/Stage Lighting Folder/Your Group #