Hang and Focus

Williams College
Williamstown, Massachusetts


Light plot goes to Master Electrician.
Light crew hangs and circuits instruments.
Color is cut and framed.
Circuits are patched according to Dimmer Schedule.
All channels brought up individually to check that all instruments are working.
Troubleshooting is conducted as necessary.


Designer returns to focus.
Each instrument is turned on individually, focused and gelled.
Dialogue is critical - keep talking to one another.
Designer uses Channel Schedule to focus lights if crew has mobility.
Designer uses Instrument Schedule to focus lights with limited access.

Focusing Terminology

"Take it to hard focus" - ellipsoidals

"Take it to full spot" - fresnels

light on designer's "face"
Designer should not look directly into the light.)

"Lock it off."

"Shutter to here." - ellipsoidal

"Flood it" - fresnels

"Soften the edges" - ellipsoidals

"Drop color"
"This fixture takes _____ color."