Creating the Light Plot

Five things required to draft a light plot:

1. Accurate ground plan of venue including hanging positions and circuit locations
2. Accurate vertical section of venue
3. Accurate ground plan and section of scenic design
4. Lighting inventory
5. Size and number of dimmers available

Divide acting space into lighting areas 6'-0"- 8'-0"

• Decide on lighting systems needed for design (front light, back light, side light, etc.)

• Count the number of lighting areas required

Number of light fixtures per area times the number of lighting areas
Add fixtures used for washes: scenic or acting area
Add fixtures used for specials

Create color key by assigning color to each lighting system.

Color Key Example

Lighting Specials Involving Scenic Pieces


Commit Lighting Inventory

MPAC Lighting Inventory

Using the MF Factor

Draft the light plot including relevant information for hanging crew.

Lighting Template

Instrument Information

Front: color and/or focus information

Inside: instrument number
Behind: circuit or channel number

Title Block

Performance space
Title of production
Plate title
Plate number


Silhouette of each instrument type
Written description

Final Draft of a Light Plot

Allocate Dimmers

Create Schedules