Steps for Hand Drafting a Light Plot
General Supplies Needed

Drafting table

Paper - sized to scale

Mechanical pencil

Large triangles

Scale rule - 1/4" and 1/2"

Lighting Template

Geometric shapes template- circles, squares, hexagon

Eraser/eraser shield


Drafting tape

Sample Lighting Template

Show Specific Information and Documentation Needed

1. Scale drawing of venue

2. Lighting instrument inventory

3. Number and size of dimmers available

4. Scenic Ground Plan

5. Scenic Vertical Section

Drafting Procedure

1. Determine lighting areas on scenic designer's ground plan.

2. Tape circuit plot to drafting table.

3. Tape clean sheet of vellum over the top of the circuit plot.

4. Lightly draw lines indicating hanging locations and reference points, (usually the proscenium).

5. Slide scenic ground plan between the circuit plot and the top vellum sheet.

6. Determine angles for each function for each area according to lighting key.

7. Use vertical section to determine distance each fixture should be from each lighting area.

8. Use calculator and MF (multiplication factor) to determine appropriate instrument to be used at each location.

Formula: MF = S divided by D

To figure out which light fixture to use: Size of the pool of light (S) divided by distance of the fixture (D) will give you the multiplication factor (MF) most appropriate to use.

To figure out how big a pool of light the fixture will created: Distance times the MF factor will indicate the size of the pool on light.

To figure out how far away to hang an instrument: Size of the pool of light divided by the MF factor will indicate how far away the instrument needs to be.

9. Commit inventory for each set of instruments to be used for each lighting function and specials.

10. Use vertical section to determine trim height of on stage electrics.

11. Plot instruments on vellum at nearest possible hanging position.

12. Hang fixtures on 18" centers to give each instrument room to be focused.

13. Add notes for unique hanging situations.

14. Draft center line on plot.

15. Draw Data Key - information surrounding each silhouette

16. Draw Legend

17. Draw Title Block

18. Blue line drawing for hanging crew.