TH 1501
Stage Lighting I

Par Cans

Hanging Technique on Main Stage
C-Clamps used with Black Pipe (Electrics) and Unistrut (Catwalks)

Hanging Technique in Dudley Theatre
Unistrut Metal Framing Grid

Step 1

1 1/2" bolts with spring nuts replace the C-clamp on the light fixture.
1/2" bolts should stay with C-clamp and stored in C-clamp bin on cable cart.
Insert the bolt with spring nut anywhere in the Dudley Theatre ceiling unistrut grid system.
Rounded nut corners permit easy insertion.
Nuts without springs are also safe to use.

Step 2

A 90° clockwise turn aligns the grooves in the nut with the inturned edges of the channel.
Tighten bolt into the spring nut using a Crescent wrench.


Law of Reflection

Principle of Reflection

Parabolic Aluminum Reflector

Lamp: DYS

Wattage: 600

Built-in Reflectors

Wattage: 300 - 1,000 (1K)

Measured by 1/8" increments.
PAR 64s are 8 inches in diameter. (64 x 1/8 = 8)

Common Sizes
PAR 16, PAR 36, PAR48, PAR 56, and PAR 64
 Examples: Altman Lighting, Inc.

Color Frame Sizes
PAR 64 = 10"
PAR 56 = 7 1/2"


Multiplication Factor (MF)
Units with PAR lamps can be equipped with Wide, Medium, Narrow or Very Narrow lamps.

Bright shafts of light with little need for shaping or shuttering.

Rugged and inexpensive.