TH 1551
Sound for the Theatre

Communication Networks

Collaborative efforts require the ability to communicate.

(Meaning: It's impossible to have tech week without headset communication.)

Communication Needs:

Public Address Paging Systems

Private Hands-On Communication (telephones)

Private Hands-Free Communication (headsets)

Monitors: Audio & Video

Stage Manager's Console


Back of House

Back Stage

Private Hands-Free Communication

Three Channel Capability- Shift Crew, Light Crew, Sound Crew

All-Call Capability

Vocal Override

Visual Call (lights up)

Push to talk microphone for audio monitors with assign switches:

Dressing Rooms

Lobby - Paging

Auditorium Proper

Rehearsal Rooms

Green Room

Orchestra Pit

Private Hands-on Communication ( Telephones)

Outside Land Line

Dressing Room



Box Office

Front of House

Stage Manager's Desk - Other Features

Lighting for Low Light Conditions

Clock/Stop Watch

Script Space

Non-Dim Control

Infrared Video Monitor

Headset Main Station

Performance Button

Inhibits All Phones

Shuts Off Work Lights

Lights Up Quiet Signs

House Manager

Outside Telephone Land Line

Page Lobby, Foyers, Auditorium

Front-of-House Video Monitors

Call Tones with Noise Level Detection

Tech Table


Headset Connections

Low Light Conditions

Room for In-House Light and/or Sound Consoles

Hands-Free Communication Locations
(single muff, double muff, or ultra-light)

Light booth

Sound booth

Follow Spot Positions

Dimmer Room

Fly Rail

Back Stage Left and Right

Actor Entrances

Orchestra Pit


Wireless Headset Communication

EarTec Digicom Digital Wireless

Fly Rail

Back Stage Manager


Video Monitors

Front of House

Back Stage Left and Right

Orchestra Pit

House position Camera

New Equipment Installation

Sound Booth Placement

Can operator hear same sound as audience? Can operator see clearly?

Back of House

Booth Back of House

Sound Booth Function

Recording Studio - Sound Isolation Required

Pyramid Sound Recording Studios
Ithaca, NY

Sound Equipment Support

Equal Number of Microphone Inputs on Stage as in House

Equipment Storage

Library/Archival Storage