TH 1551
Sound for the Theatre

Lab #3
Recording Multi-Tracks on Mini Disc

I. Purpose: To accurately record two individual tracks onto a single Mini Disc.

II. Setup for dubbing Mini Disc:

1. Turn power on for mixer, booth monitor amp, Mini Disc, and playback devices for original sound sources.

2. Patch Aux 1 & 2 into Mini Disc Left & Right Inputs.

3. For each Input Channel, (most likely four) pan Aux 1 & 2 to the left or right so sound sources will record on the appropriate side of the Mini Disc.

III. Recording Procedure:

1. Play both original sources simultaneously and set record levels for Mini Disc.

2. Replay original sources, recording one on the Left side of the Mini disc, the other on the Right side of the Mini Disc.

Hint: In most cases, it will be best if the four Input levels start at 0 when you begin to record. Start both original sources first. Press Record on Mini Disc, and then slide Inputs up to predetermined levels for recording.

3. Fade Inputs out after one minute of recording and stop Mini Disc and playback sources.

4. Label Track 5 as Multi-track Recording

VIII. Playback:

Someone else in the class will play your Mini Disc, so be sure the disc and all tracks is properly labeled with your name and information for each track.

IX. Project Demonstration:

1. Project is due Wednesday, February 20

2. Someone else in class will be playing your recording so be sure Mini Disc and all tracks are labeled appropriately.

3. Late projects may be submitted for a lowered grade.

X. Evaluation:

For the class, your recorded Mini Disc will first be played with both tracks in a balanced monaural arrangement. Tracks will be then played separately. Lastly, tracks will be played in a stereo arrangement. The challenge is to create a multi-track recording that sounds premixed in a balance monaural set-up, but yet offers independent control for separate speaker assignments.

Hint: It may be best to note appropriate volume levels for Mini Disc Left and Right Inputs so the best possible mix can be played back for the class.