TH 1699

Running Crew



Area Supervisor: Caitlin Quinn

Office: MPAC 142
Phone: 218-726-8098

Job Description

Seeing a Run Through
The hair/makeup crew is required to see a run through the final week of rehearsal prior to it going into technical rehearsal.
Hair/Makeup Trials
Hair/ Makeup crew may be required to attend a hair/makeup trial runs with the actors, designers, and/or Makeup Supervisor. These take place the two weeks before first dress.

Dress Rehearsals/Performances
Hair/Makeup crew are expected to attend all Dress Rehearsals and Performances.  Dress Rehearsals are on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday following the Technical Rehearsals. Stage Management will determine the call times for the crew. Depending on the needs of the show, the crew may be tasked with staying a half hour after the show for post-show duties. 

Generally Strike is held on the Sunday afternoon after the Saturday night performance.  There are the odd productions which close on a Sunday, which means strike will commence immediately after the final performance.  The hair/makeup crew is required to attend strike to clean and sanitize the makeup area.

Final grade will be determined by the Instructor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well the duties listed above were executed and the timeliness of the crew member.