TH 1699
Running Crew Practicum

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Learning Outcomes: To take part in the technical aspects of theatre by serving on the running crew for a realized UMD Theatre production.

Expectations: The student must meet all expectations as specified by their production advisor through the final performance of assigned production. All running crew personnel are required to attend the Crew View rehearsal, which is typically a full run-through Thursday night before Tech Week.

Students enrolled in this course are required to attend Strike for the production to which they are assigned. Missing Strike without prior arrangement with the area supevisor will result in lowering of the final grade one letter grade.

Evaluation: After the production closes, the advisor, in possible consultation with the director, will assign a letter grade for the student's area of responsibility based upon reliability, team work, willingness to learn and attitude.

The following form must be completed and submitted to receive permission to enroll in this course.
Please check position availability before requesting a specific position.

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To view running crew openings for each of the 2018-2019 UMD Theatre productions, click on individual listings below.

Fall 2022
Main Street Stupid F*ing Bird

Spring 2023
Twelfth Night Silent Sky

Crew Assignment

For more information concerning the responsibilities of specific running crew positions, contact the appropriate supervisor listed below.

Shift Crew Scott Boyle  
Properties Crew Scott Boyle  
Dresser Laura Piotrowski  
Makeup Caitlin Quinn  
Hair Caitlin Quinn  
Light Board Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Follow Spot Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Sound Board Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Projections Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Assistant Stage Manager Scott Boyle  


Once the completed form has been submitted, the area supervisor will be contacted for final approval.
If approval is granted, your name will be added to the production web site for the program and permission will be given to enroll in the course.
You will be contacted by the stage manager who will provide dates of technical rehearsals and performances you will be required to attend.
Email Mark Harvey