TH 2399
Production Practicum II
Lighting Programmer
1 cr.

Ethan Hollinger

Office: MPAC 110
Phone: 218-726-7807

Course Objectives: To provide students with practical experience working as a production Lighting Programmer on a UMD Department production.

Learning Outcomes: Student Lighting Programmers will develop proficiency with the ETC Ion control software. They will also develop skills in reading and analyzing light plots and paperwork, managing lighting networks and general skills in advanced lighting implementation.

Expectations: The student must meet all expectations as specified by the course instructor.

Evaluation: At the end of the semester, the instructor will assign a letter grade for the student work based upon predetermined expectations.

Learning Objectives:
- Develop fluency in programming with the ETC Ion control system
- Develop an understanding of advanced lighting networking systems
- Define and explain the role of the production lighting programmer
- Collaborate effectively with lighting designer

Course Requirements
- Meet with designer prior to tech to discuss show needs and create a pre-programming work list
- Meet with Practicum Instructor prior to tech to develop skills and begin implementation
- Keep track of programming notes as they develop

Job Description:
The Programmer is responsible for pre-programming the lighting console, programming all cues and effects during tech, implementing changes discovered during tech, and restoring the system after the run. The Programmer works with the Lighting Designer, Master Electrician and Stage Management team.

Specific Duties
Pre Tech:
Configure Lighting network in collaboration with the ME
Patch system in collaboration with the ME
Troubleshoot in collaboration with the ME
Program groups, snapshots, submasters, presets, palettes, effects, and macros

Attend Level set and program all cues and effects
Attend technical rehearsals and make changes as desired by the designer
Make notes of programming errors that need to be fixed, discuss with designer and fix

Determine strike plan in collaboration with practicum instructor and MPAC Manager
- Restore rep system

Seeing a Run Through:
The Programmer is generally not required to see a run through of the show, however they will have a better understanding of the show if they do.

Dress Code:
The Programmer does not have a specific dress code. The theaters are usually cold.

Technical Rehearsals:
The Programmer is required at all technical rehearsals.

Dress Rehearsals/Performances:
The Programmer is required at the first dress rehearsal, then they will meet with the designer to make changes prior to each rehearsal.

Generally, Strike is held on the Sunday afternoon after the Saturday night performance. There are the odd productions which close on a Sunday, which means strike will commence immediately after the final performance. The Programmer is responsible for restoring the rep system in the console.

Final grade will be determined by the Instructor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well the duties listed above were executed.