TH 3399
Production Practicum III
Makup Supervisor
2 cr.

Caitlin Quinn

Office: MPAC 142
Phone: 218-726- 8098

Job description:

Research makeup techniques for a production based using the designers research and renderings. Train actors and crews how to apply makeup at scheduled makeup trials and at first dress. Oversee makeup application at dress rehearsals. Apply a complicated makeup design if needed


You will be given a set of due dates which you must adhere to. Each item is due to Caitlin on a Monday and presented at the production meeting on Tuesday. It is essential that the designer adheres to these dates. 


Dress Rehearsals and Performances:



The final grade is determined by the faculty mentor. You will meet with the faculty mentor to discuss how the show went and areas for improvement. Notes from the rest of the production team are given at this time.