TH 3399
Production Practicum III
Props Coordinator
2 cr.

Scott Boyle

Office: MPAC 152
Phone: 218-726-8320


Job Description:
The Props Coordinator works with the Director, the Scenic Designer and the Technical Director and is responsible for the construction, buying and borrowing of all Furniture Props, Hand Props and Set Dressing.

Planning Period:
Read the script first for your enjoyment and to become familiar with the show.  Then review the script to create a preliminary prop list based on stage direction and character dialogue.

- Identify early any props which may prove challenging either in terms of acquiring or other special circumstances.

- Become familiar with the scenic design. Study all drawings, renderings, models and resarch to understand period style and taste.

- Meet with the director and scenic designer either separately or together outside of production meetings to discuss what is needed and if it differs from your initial list.

- Conduct your own research for any specialized props.

-Once list is finalized, arrange to meet with me to develop a plan for acquiring the needed props.  This list should include what you plan on buying or building as they affect budget.

- Share the props list with the stage manager, director, scenic designer and myself.

Pre-Production Period:
Pull all rehearsal props prior to the first rehearsal and coordinate with the stage manager for their storage and security.  Rehearsal props should be clearly labeled as to what they are if they are “standing in” for something else.

- Complete a budget analysis of bought and built items paying particular attention to consumables as they generally are the most expensive items on your list.

- Coordinate with the TD or ATD with regards to the build schedule, crew sizes / meeting times, and logistics for purchasing needed items

- Develop your own build schedule so that built or modified props will be finished on time.

- Work with ME or LD with regards to practicals which will need to light up.

- Work with the Sound Designer with regards to props which may need to hide a speaker.

Build Period:
Create lists of props which the Stagecraft Practicum can assist in building, modifying or painting.

- Work with and/or supervise the crews whenever your schedule allows.  You should put in 4 hours a week minimum in the shop during normal shop hours.

- Attend all production meetings.

- Maintain frequent contact with the Director, Stage Manager(s), Scenic Designer, Technical Director and Faculty Supervisor.

- Attend as many run-throughs as you can but especially the “Designer Run”.  Many questions about how props are being used are answered doing this

- Keep your lists up to date with changes as reflected in the rehearsal reports submitted by stage management as well as where you are within the process of the build.

- Submit web-links, purchasing lists to the Faculty Supervisor for purchasing.  DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MONEY FOR ANY PURCHASES UNLESS YOU PLAN ON OWNING THE ITEM AFTER THE RUN.

Technical Rehearsals/Dress Rehearsals/Performances:
Prior to the first Technical Rehearsal, schedule a “Props Parade” with the Stage Manager and Director to physically look at all of the real props which will be used.  Discuss any changes that may be needed and when food or drink items will start being used.

- Assist the Stage Manager in setting up the prop tables backstage.

- Teach the running/shift crew any special procedures regarding props.

- Attend all Technical and Dress Rehearsals taking notes and meeting with the Director and Scenic Designer for notes.

- Once the show opens you are responsible for taking care of any broken or damaged props.  Also coordinate with the Stage Manager to maintain all consumable props.

Strike and Post-Production:
You are to attend Strike and work with the crews in returning or storing of UMD owned props.

- You are responsible for making arrangements to return all borrowed props to the rightful owner within three days of the strike.

- Check with Faculty Supervisor if there is a question as to what should be kept or scrapped.

Final grade will be determined by the Faculty Supervisor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well the duties listed above were executed.  If areas for improvement are noted, you will receive a written explanation with what was observed and suggestions for improvement. If position is repeated at higher course levels (i.e. 3399 and/or 4399) closer scrutiny will be paid on improving performance in areas noted before as well as overall job performance.

Timelines, Due Dates, Shop Time Responsibilities:
During the course of the design and production of the show, the department expect to be available for questions, to help with projects or to lead crews as deemed appropriate. Working with the professor of record, the student is to a set schedule which sets aside time for design/prop work (studio or planning time), weekly meeting with their advisor, and time set in their area’s shop.  It is also expected the student tries to adhere to the schedule of due dates so as to not delay the production by affecting others’ job responsibilities.

Key Dates:

Strike - date:_________________________ time:_______________________________

Tech-Dress - dates:_____________________________________________

Props Parade - date range:__________________________________________

Rehearsal Props Due: ______________________________________

Weekly Meeting:  (½ hour) _____________________________________

Prep/Shop time: 2hr/wk min: __________________________________________________


By signing below, I am acknowledging my advisor and I have discussed the dates and responsibilities of my production role and I agree to maintain these dates to the best of my ability.  I also acknowledge if for whatever reason I need to change my schedule because of either work of school schedules, I will contact my advisor and work to find a mutually agreeable solution.  I further acknowledge that keeping the dates and schedules agreed upon and meeting the other deadlines will be used as an assessment tool to determine my final grade.

Student Signature:__________________________________________________Date:______________

Advisor Signature:__________________________________________________Date:_______________