TH 3399
Production Practicum III
Scenic Charge Artist/Scenic Artist
2 cr.

Curtis Phillips

Office: MPAC 146
Phone: 726-7774

Job Description:

A charge artist (or charge scenic artist and also head scenic artist) leads and oversees the painting of stage, film or television scenery

Planning Period:

Build Period:

Technical Rehearsals/Dress Rehearsals/Performances:

Strike and Post-Production:


Final grade will be determined by the Faculty Supervisor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well the duties listed above were executed.  If areas for improvement are noted, you will receive a written explanation with what was observed and suggestions for improvement.  If position is repeated at higher course levels (i.e. 3399 and/or 4399) closer scrutiny will be paid on improving performance in areas noted before as well as overall job performance.