TH 3399
Production Practicum III
Scenic Designer
2 cr.

Curtis Phillips

Office: MPAC 146
Phone: 7774

Job Description:
The Scenic Designer is responsible for the visual appearance and function of the scenery and properties for a theatre or dance production.

Planning Period:

See production timeline for due dates and planning requirements.  

Requirements for the Final Scenic Design Package

  1. Ground-plan 1/2” scale, including seating, masking and site lines.
  2. Section(s) 1/2” scale.
  3. Elevations and details. Generally 1/2” scale.
  4. Painted model 1/4” or 1/2” scale.
  5. Painter’s elevations, covered with acetate, if deemed necessary by faculty scene designer.
  6. Full scale paint technique samples worked out with the scenic artist.
  7. Properties list, including sketches or research and orthographic drawings of all built props if deemed necessary by faculty technical director.

The scenic designer is expected to help with the painting of the scenery and the acquisition of set props and dressing.  

Meeting the established deadlines is absolutely essential.  Grade is assessed on quality and meeting due dates.

Regularly scheduled meetings with the faculty scene designer can help the student designer make more accurate drawings and meet deadlines.

Build Period: