(one inch margins)
(10 or 12 point font)
(quality paper, no letterhead)
(single space except where noted)
(keep to a single page)

Return address
(where you want correspondence sent)
(double space)

(double space)

Internal Address
(write exactly as written in advertisement)
(quadruple space)

(use whatever prefix noted, or omit)
(double space)

Paragraph #1 - Request
(no indentation)
(first sentence should indicate what you wish them to do)
(note where you saw advertisement)
(mention specific position)
(explain why you are interested)
(double space)

Internal Paragraphs - Qualifications
(no indentation)
(lift up specifics from your resume that you want them to notice)
(note prior experience with and/or knowledge of the employing institution)
(mention other areas of comptence that relate to the specific job description)
(double space)

Final Paragraph - Concluding remarks
(no indentation)
(mention enclosures)
(state your expectations)
(double space)

(appropriate closing)
(quadruple space)
(name typed)