Sven Olsen
1819 E. 10th Street
Duluth, MN 55812

October 10, 2018

Department of Drama and Theatre
University of Hawaii, Manoa
1770 East West Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822


Please accept my application for the position of costume shop manager at the University of Hawaii, Manoa as advertised in After reading your advertisement, I believe I am uniquely qualified for the position, and look forward to learning more about your program.

I will be receiving my BFA degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Costume Design from the University of Minnesota Duluth May 2018. As part of my degree, I designed two main stage productions; assisted our faculty designer, Patricia Dennis, on two additional productions; and worked as a draper and wardrobe crew head on several other productions. I believe my experience in the areas of costume dyeing, millinery, and special crafts using veraform and celastic make me particularly qualified for your position. I also have experience designing make-up and hair.

Thank you for considering my application. Enclosed please find a copy of my resume and samples of my work. References will be forwarded to you under separate cover. My complete portfolio is available upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Sven Olsen


Enclosure: Resume