TH 4399
Theatre: Special Projects
Assistant Music Director
2 cr.

Thomas Jacobsen

Office: MPAC 106A
Phone: 218-726-6263

Intended for students interested in serving as an Assistant Music Director for specific UMD Theatre productions. Minimum time commitment: 90 hours.

The Assistant Musical Director works with the Muisc Director, assisting the teaching and directing of all vocal parts, possibly serving as a vocal coach, accompanist or conducting performances.

Planning Period:

-Read the script and become familiar with the show.
-If an original cast album is available, listen to the album while following along with the score.
-Identify the necessary instrumentation.
-Identify the vocal ranges of all characters, including chorus/ensemble.

Pre-Production Period:

-Assist in accompaning auditions.
-Help select and print appropriate vocal sides for characters at callbacks.

Rehearsal Period:

-Be present and ready to accompany rehearsals as needed.
-Help teach actors their vocal part.
-Work with actors as requested.
-Help find alternatives to harmonies (if needed).
-Help prepare pit partsand dstribute to pit musicians.
-Maintain frequent contact with the Sound Designer.

Tech/Dress Rehearsals/Performances:

-Rehearse with pit musicians prior to sitz as reqested.
-Assist sitzprobe.
-Work with Sound Designer to ensure balance between sound levels of orchestra and vocals.
-Help ensure the return of all materials from musicians and actors.


Final grade will be determined by the Faculty Supervisor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well assigned duties were executed. If areas for improvement are noted, student will receive a written explanation describing what was observed and sugestions for improvement. If position is repeated, closer scrutiny will be paid on improving performance in areas noted, as well as overall job performance.