TH 4399
Theatre: Special Projects
Stage 2 Director
2 cr.

Lauren Roth

Office: MPAC 144
Phone: 218-726-7243


Job Description:
The director is responsible for delivering the story of the play and honoring the intentions of the playwright. The director will work collaboratively with a creative/production team in order to construct the world of the play. Directors will work closely with actors throughout a rehearsal process in order to build and execute various layers of theatrical storytelling. 

-Read the script many times in order to become familiar with the world of the play.
-Conduct appropriate research in order to develop a clear vision for the production. 
-Identify a reason for telling this story; why this story, why now?
-Engage collaboratively with a creative team in order to craft the world of the play. 
-Attend all production meetings and communicate with design areas regularly. If concerns arise, a faculty advisor should be contacted.
-Communicate clearly and effectively with the stage manager regarding schedules, conflicts, and production needs.
-Attend all rehearsals, including tech week.
-Create blocking or other visual stage pictures intended to be rehearsal and repeatable.
-Work with the actors to develop motivated actions and objectives.
-Honor the truth of the playwright’s intention and the given circumstances.   
-Check in regularly with your faculty directing mentor assigned to you through Stage 2. 


Final grade will be determined by the Faculty Supervisor after consulting necessary production team members with regards to how well duties listed above were executed. If areas for improvement are noted, student will receive a written explanation describing what was observed and suggestions for improvement.