Crane Precious Sword Crouching Iron Pentalogy (source: MonkeyPeaches, 2001)

The title was formed by combing the first characters of all five parts and was known as Crane - Iron Pentalogy for short. The main plot of the pentalogy is a story of four couples.

1- Part I, Dancing Crane, Singing Luan, is about Southern Crane and Bao A Luan (Luan is a

mythical bird like the phoenix).

2 -The story of Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) and Yu Shu Lien

(Michelle Yeoh) starts from Part II, Precious Sword, Gold Hairpin,

continues throughout Part III, Sword Force, Pearl Shine and Part IV, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and ends in Part V, Iron Knight, Silver Vase.

3 - Story of Lo (Little Tiger) and Jen (Delicate Dragon) starts from Part IV and ends in Part V.

4 - Among the four couples, only the last one (Iron Knight and Silver Vase) has a happen ending,

the other three end up in tragedies.

Part I -Dancing Crane and Singing Luan

The story of the pentalogy starts with the death of Jiang Zhi Sheng (father of Southern Crane), who is killed by his master. Southern Crane (Jiang Nan He) with the help of Li Feng Jie seeks revenge on the master. The master uses Ji Guang Jie to fight against Jiang Nan He. Bao A Luan, the master's granddaughter is trapped between two lovers (Southern Crane and Ji Guang Jie), and kills herself to protect her grandfather. Southern Crane asks Ji Guang Jie to teach Li Mu Bai, son of Li Feng Jie.

Part II: Precious Sword, Gold Hairpin

The basic storyline is: Li Mu Bai is in love with Yu Shu Lien, but he is unable to move one step further after knowing that his brother, Meng Si Zhao, has an unfulfilled marriage arrangement with Yu Shu Lien. Meng Si Zhao is killed in the process of protecting his brother. Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien continue to have a brother-sister sister relationship. Li Mu Bai's relationship with Xie Cui Xian (a prostitute) ends as he is arrested for killing a local tyrant. Awaiting his death, Li Mu Bai is taken away from jail by Southern Crane.

Part III: Sword Force, Pearl Shine

The basic storyline is: Li Mui Bai receives the Green Destiny and Luo Yang Bao (Lo's brother) steals the imperial pearl from Beijing.

Part IV: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching tiger and hidden dragon combined is a Chinese proverb that means "talented or dangerous people hidden from view."

After the death of her mother and the end of her father's career, Jen fakes her death by jumping of a cliff in order to have a new life. Even in love with Lo, Jen still feels that a bandit could not fit in her social status. She runs away again after only one night with Lo and vanishes into the desert with a horse and a sword, the Green Destiny.

Part V: Iron Knight, Silver Vase

The basic storyline is: Jen gives birth to Lo's son. Fang secretly replaces her son with a baby girl, Silver Vase. Later Fang is robbed and rescued by an armed escort. Jen's son is taken to Han Wen Pei's home by the maid and named Iron Knight. After growing up, Iron Knight travels miles to look for his parents. When he finally meets Jen and Lo in the desert, he doesn't recognize them until they are both killed in front of him. The pentalogy ends when Iron Knight and Silver Vase are joined together. In the end, Yu Shu Lian dies from disease and Li Mu Bai loses his chance to be with her forever. But the biggest tragedy is the tiger (Lo) perishes in the icy mountain and the dragon (Jen) gets lost in the desert.


Preqeul script is currently done by Sia Mei Hua. According to Sia, the movie will start with the Green Destiny Sword being unearthed followed by a struggle of controlling the sword by many masters, including Li Mu Bai's master, Southern Crane (Jiang Nan He).

This prequel is based on part II of the Crane Precious Sword Crouching Iron Pentalogy (as Crane - Iron Pentalogy for short), Precious Sword, Gold Hairpin. It will tell the story of Li Mu Bai (played by Chow Yun-Fat in CTHD), Yu Shu Lien (played by Michelle Yeoh in CTHD), Yu Shu Lien's fiancé Meng Si Zhao, and prostitute Xie Cui Xian.

The basic storyline is: Yu Shu Lien's father, head of an armed escort service, had decided to close down the business to keep Yu Shu Lien away from the bloody Kung-Fu brotherhood. However, his daughter had already secretly mastered the martial art. She even planed a contest to challenge all contestants in order to choose a husband. Newcomer of the brotherhood Li Mu Bai joined the contest only for testing his skills. During the fight, they started to fall in love. Li Mu Bai is in love with Yu Shu Lien, fiancée of his sworn brother Meng Si Zhao, and prostitute Xie Cui Xian, who looks like Yu Shu Lien. Before their relationship has any further development, Li Mu Bai discovered that Yu Shu Lien and his sworn brother had an unfulfilled marriage, arranged when they were still unborn.

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