Code of Conduct for CS4821 (Computer Security)

I will perform sensitive class-related activities (e.g., network eavesdropping, password cracking, cryptanalysis, penetration testing, running insecure software, offensive tools, etc.) ONLY on fictional information and the isolated, non-public resources specifically designed and designated for use in this class (e.g., password lists and networks) and ONLY on the computer systems dedicated to this class (MWAH 187 and DETERLab), on my own computer, or on systems for which I have appropriate permission.

I recognize that performing these kinds of activities on other campus systems may violate the UMD ITSS Appropriate Use Policy, which could have serious academic consequences:

More generally, I understand that using any computer system in an unauthorized fashion may be a crime with serious penalties. Accordingly, I will not use or test any techniques discussed in this class on any computer system (UMD or otherwise) unless I have explicit and authorized permission to do so.

I will NOT use the information in this class for personal gain or amusement, but instead will use it in an ethical manner for designing secure systems, securing vulnerable systems and the greater good.

I recognize that with great power comes great responsibility!


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