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Assistant Professor

University of Minnesota - Duluth

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

1305 Ordean Court

Duluth MN 55812-3042

(218) 726-8327


Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan (2002)
"Modeling Human Performance Using the Queuing Network - Model Human Processor (QN-MHP)”
Advisor: Yili Liu, Ph.D.


Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan (1994)

Bioengineering, University of Michigan (1994)

Mechanical Engineering (Physical Education minor), Calvin College (1989)


Courses taught at University of Minnesota - Duluth (2006-present)

IE 1225: Introduction to Design and Manufacturing

IE 3105: Human Factors

IE 5325: Advanced Engineering Economics

SAFE 6051: Construction Safety

SAFE 6301: Occupation Biomechanics and Work Physiology

Courses taught at Purdue University (2002-2006)

IE 230: Probability and Statistics I

IE 486: Work Design II

IE 558: Safety Engineering

IE 590M: Human Performance Modeling

IE 590N: Product Usability

Specific Research Interests

Computational Models of Human Performance

Human-Machine Interaction

Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making

Usability and Task Analysis

Work Area and Product Design

Occupational Biomechanics

Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

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