Rik Gran

Associate Professor of Physics

Current Projects:

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Working on the MINERvA and LBNE neutrino experiments.

You may be interested in information about these experiments:
The MINOS neutrino oscillation experiment
The MINERvA neutrino interaction experiment

Formerly worked on the MINOS long baseline neutrino experiment.
Formerly worked on the WALTA experiment page plus a tarball of code for the QNET2 DAQ, because the web never forgets waltasource-20121018.tar.gz


University of Minnesota. Ph.D. July 2002, Physics.
Carleton College, B.A. 1994, Double major Physics, Music.
Eden Prairie High School.

An oldish Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

on forgetting:

Someone once told me: "Forgetting is not like not remembering."

Fifteen years ago, I thought this was an obvious, useful truth -- but I no longer know why.


I am interested in neutrino oscillations and measuring the properties of neutrinos, their mass, and their interaction with other matter. A lot of my work is in neutrino-nucleus interactions observed in the near detectors of the MINOS long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, and also the dedicated neutrino interaction experiment MINERvA. In addition to the basic measurements, I work on applying our knowledge of cross sections to improve the sensitivity of long baseline oscillation experiments to the oscillation parameters and CP violation.

My thesis experiment (now longer ago than I can remember) was a coincidence experiment between cosmic ray air showers and the underground Soudan2 detector. The goal was to estimate the elemental composition of the cosmic rays in the knee region of the CR spectrum. For this I built or rebuilt parts of the air shower array, and handled all of the details of the hardware, analysis, and simulation.

No new acronyms were created in the process of completing my thesis.

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Other projects:

My Virtual Bookshelf Project to see what I've been reading.

I might know a little something or other about folding lawnchairs. Why do you ask?

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