Dr. Aaron N. Moen, Ph.D.

Professor emeritus Cornell University


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The out-of-print books listed below may be accessed electronically by selecting the title links.  Additional books of historical interest, resources on deer and  moose ecology, and collaborative work on forage analyses, population dynamics, and a biology-based nomogram system of decision aids for deer and moose management in progress

The following out-of-print books are now available in pdf format:

Moen, Aaron N.  1973.  Wildlife Ecology.  W.H. Freeman and Co.  San Francisco.  458 pp.
A college text focusing on basic biology and environmental processes that affect relationships between animal and environment.  Examples are given for white-tailed deer and other species.

Moen, Aaron N.  1983.  Agriculture and Wildlife Management.  CornerBrook Press, Lansing, New York.  367 pp. 
An introduction to agriculture for students in wildlife science and management, many if not most of whom do not have farm backgrounds.

Moen, Aaron N.  1984.  The Biology and Management of Wild Ruminant.  CornerBrook Press, Lansing, New York.
A seven-part series of in-depth analyses of basic biology, environmental factors, and management considerations.  Extensive literature searches prior to library digitizing are presented in a cryptic state-of-the-art library format in the 1980s.

Moen, Aaron N. and Ronald A. Moen.  1985.  Computer Programs for Natural Resource Analysis and Management.  CornerBrook Press, Lansing, New York.  103 pp.
An early publication of computer code for students in ecology and wildlife science that promoted interest in computer-based information processing.

Moen, Aaron N.  2002.  Learning First in Higher Education.  (Self-published; contact anm2@cornell.edu). 159 pp.
A forward-looking "continuum" approach to an integrated curriculum in wildlife ecology in a computer-based Learning Center at Cornell University in the 1990s.

The following out-of-print books are listed for historical interest: