Dr. Aaron N. Moen, Ph.D.

Professor emeritus Cornell University

Wildlife Ecology

The book Wildlife Ecology describes ecological relationships, the effects of an organism on its total environment and the effects of the environment on the organism. Most of the examples pertain to white-tailed deer. Each page of the book is reproduced below.

Copyright is now with Dr. Aaron Moen, which makes it possible to make Wildlife Ecology available for download. Figures in the book that were "Reprinted with permission" have been removed from the pdf version and replaced with similar figures.

Download entire book (171.8 MB PDF)

Introduction to Wildlife Ecology (5.3 MB PDF)

Part 1. Life, Interactions, and Ecological Modeling

Part 2. The Distribution of Matter and Energy in Time and Space

Part 3. Metabolism and Nutrition

Part 4. Behavioral Factors in Relation to Productivity

Part 5. Energy Flux and the Ecological Organization of Matter

Part 6. Productivity, Populations, and Decision-Making