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Week 1 Go over Syllabus
First video taping "My first impression"
Watch Video "My first impression"
Talk about posture
Week 2 "My first impression" cont'd
The preparatory gesture (ictus)
Regular & Asymetric patterns (w/metronome)
Singing & conducting. Talk about Assignment #1
More singing and conducting
The internal & final releases (caesura, breath, cutoffs) Read Lessons 1 - 4!!!!!
Simple Exercise (Textbook P.30 -31)
Week 3 Bring Video Tape
(Assignment #2 - review of performance!)
Sight reading/singing Taping of Exercise #1
More Video taping (if needed), critic video
Talk about the proper baton
Tempo marking terms
Week 4 Continue review of Video (Exercise #1) Read Lessons 5-8
Assignment #2 is due!
Week 5

Introducing: "the left hand!" (have baton by now!)
Simple exercise for independence of hands

More left-hand exercises
Things to avoid
Week 6
Holding your baton for the first time
Proper hand, things to avoid
(Bring your VHS Tape)
Subdivision of Meters (Read lesson 20)
Compound Meters (Read lesson 24)
Asymmetric Meters (Read lesson 25)
Week 7 Fermatas (Internal release vs. Caesura)
The different clefs!!! (lesson 20)
Introducing Transpositions (bring your thinking cap!) (Read Lessons 22, 24)
Week 8
Simple-Mixed Patterns Exercise #1
Video Taping
Written Midterm (Everything that we have covered thus far! Bring staff paper)
Assignment #1 is due!
Spring Break!
Spring Break!
Week 9 Using the left hand in class (Read lessons 16, 17)
Sustaining Left Hand - The Circle (Pg. 131)
Transpositions (Review drills)
Watch "Art of Conducting P.1" Video
Week 10 Discussion of Video ("Art of Conducting") Practical Training (Bring Video Tapes & Instruments)
Week 11 Glossary of terms
Repeat markings (Pg. 148 -149)
Practical Training (Bring Video Tapes & Instruments)
Week 12 Rehearsal Techniques
Things to avoid. (Bring Assignment #2)
Practical Training (Bring Video Tapes & Instruments)
Week 13 Glossary of terms
Final review of Transposition
Practical Training (Bring Video Tapes & Instruments)
Week 14 Open Class for Discussion..(Read Lessons 28, 29) Open class for Discussion....
Week 15

Wrap-up!!!! Assignment #3 is due!!!
Video Taping Final (Exercise #2)

This is an approximate timeline - Subject to change!!!

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