2D Digital Design
ART 1013 | Fall 2004 | Rob Wittig
office: Eng238 | MW 11-12


section 01 MW 8:00-9:50
section 02 TTh 10:00-11:50
fabulous laboratory SBE17



ART 1013 introduces students to 2-dimensional studio and graphic design concepts using the computer as a creative tool.

Students develop skills in visual literacy, creative problem-solving, and digital imaging. Basic principles of design are explored through a series of weekly assignments. Students are introduced to the use of text/typography in image making.

Aesthetic and conceptual vocabulary are developed through class critiques, guest lectures, assigned reading and writing.

Students learn the basics of two graphics software programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

By the end of the semester students should be able to create electronic imagery with an understanding of the conceptual and technical demands necessary for quality image output.

required texts

Design Fundamentals for The Digital Age, by Linda Holtzschue and Edward Noriega

Visual Quickstart Guide to Illustrator 10, by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas. (Peachpit Press)

Visual Quickstart Guide to Photoshop 7, by Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas. (Peachpit Press)

optional text:
Visual Literacy, by Richard Wilde and Judith Wilde

reading assignments

Chapter Readings are from the Required Text: Design Fundamentals for the Digital Age

lecture response assignment

You should plan to attend as many of the related Tweed Musem lectures as you can. You will be required to write a short response paper based on one of these lectures. This 2 page paper is due at the end of the semester along with your portfolio and your final series.

week of 1st class 2nd class readings + lectures
sep 06 intro to illustrator intro to illustrator illustrator book
sep 13 studio day black square
problem due

phil choo,
sep 14 2pm

sep 20 using positive & negative space black & white
problem due

chap 1

sep 27 using digital type designing with type problem due Fundamentals
chap 2, 3
oct 04 using grids studio day Fundamentals
chap 4, 5
oct 11 midterm portfolios due; color visual literature problem due

john bielenberg
oct 13 2pm
tweed museum

oct 18 using symmetry & pattern magic carpets due Fundamentals
chap 6
oct 25 intro to photoshop digital imaging photoshop book
nov 01 using color photoshop color work due Fundamentals
chap 7
nov 08 photoshop presentations studio day

jorge frascara
nov 09, 10am
tweed museum

nov 15 using text & image

text & image
poem due

chap 8
nov 22 using less
using more
studio day  
nov 29 final series brainstorm & sketch

less is more due
final series idea due

dec 06 studio day final series feedback  
dec 13 critique final series critique final series  
finals portfolios due