Senior Design Studio II

ART 4933  sec 001
Fall 2018

12p—2p Mon Wed
MonH 239

Senior Design Studio II has as its purpose: to develop professional skills in presentation, to prepare a professional portfolio and promotional materials to aid in the job search, and to introduce critical issues in professional practice. We will explore how design impacts our society, the environment, our colleagues, our clients and ourselves. We will create a toolkit of information and promotional tools to help students achieve their professional goals. The class will include lecture, creative investigation, in-class "sprint" assignments, simulations of real-life work situations, critique, research, reading and presentation.

Rob Wittig Office: MonH 234
Phone: 726.7545
Office Hours:
Mon 10–12
Tue 1–2
or by appointment

Here's what I care about:

I want to help you build a portfolio of your work in multiple media that shows your skills, your personality and your interests in a way that will intrigue and delight top professional designers.

I want you to have on the tip of your tongue, for the rest of your life, an eloquent, compelling description of what creative issues and life issues you are interested in at the moment. Interested people are interesting people.

I want you to be able to talk about your work fearlessly and professionally, at a moment's notice

I want to share with you the inside story of what it's like to work in professional design and give you a head start in your first year at a new job.


Attendance and participation in class for the full class period is mandatory. Studio classes provide the oportunity for interchange between student and teacher and among students. This interaction is vital to the learning process and cannot take place when a student is absent. See full attendance policy below.

This course adheres strictly to UMD's Student Academic Integrity Policy, which can be found at

The instructor will enforce and students are expected to follow the University's Student Conduct Code


Required supplies:
_required subscriptions to NYT, WSJ
_web portfolio
_printed, physical portfolio
_pdf portfolio

Required Blog
You will be required to keep a class blog and present from it each week in class. Details will be explained in class.

Final designs and final portfolio must be well crafted and presented in a professional manner. This is both expected in the field, and shows you respect your own work as a designer.

Just as in a professional workplace, process is a crucial part of what will be expected of you in this class. For that reason, you are required to complete, keep, and turn in every sketch, note and rough design for each exercise and project. Projects will not be considered complete without all the working stages.

You cannot skip any steps!

General Information:
Student Conduct Code:

Appropriate classroom conduct promotes an environment of academic achievement and integrity.  Disruptive classroom behavior that substantially or repeatedly interrupts either the instructor's ability to teach, or student learning, is prohibited. Student are expected adhere to Board of Regents Policy:Student Conduct Code:  
Teaching & Learning: Instructor and Student Responsibilities:
UMD is committed to providing a positive, safe, and inclusive place for all who study and work here.  Instructors and students have mutual responsibility to insure that the environment in all of these settings supports teaching and learning, is respectful of the rights and freedoms of all members, and promotes a civil and open exchange of ideas. To reference the full policy please see: 

Academic Integrity:
Stealing images and design work and taking the credit for yourself is Academic Dishonesty. Academic dishonesty tarnishes UMD’s reputation and discredits the accomplishments of students.  Academic dishonesty is regarded as a serious offense by all members of the academic community.  UMD’s Student Academic Integrity Policy can be found at: 

Final Exams:
All 1xxx-5xxx courses offered for undergraduate credit should include a final graded component or end of term evaluation that assesses the level of student achievement of one or more course objectives. All final graded components are to be administered or due at the time and place according to the final exam schedule and not during the last week of class. To reference the full policy please see:

Attendance Policy:
Good attendance and punctuality are expected for this class and will strongly affect your grade. Roll will be taken at the beginning of every class. You be considered late if you arrive after roll has been taken. If you are late, it is your responsibility during that class period to make sure the instructor knows that you are present. You will receive two (2) free tardies. After the first two tardies, every three (3) tardies will equal one (1) unexcused absence. Only three (3) unexcused absences will be accepted. 

The fourth unexcused absence will lower your final semester grade by one letter grade. The fifth unexcused absence will lower your grade by two letter grades. The sixth unexcused absence will lower your grade by three letter grades and so on. A total of seven unexcused absences, will result in you receiving a failing grade (F) for the class. 

There are no excused absences for anything but subpoenas, jury duty, military duty, religious observances, a verifiable bereavement in the immediate family, or a doctor’s note on his/her stationary with a telephone number. The verifiable excuse document, such as a doctor’s note, must be presented at the next class attended. A receipt is unacceptable. A dental appointment does not count as an excused absence.
For complete information, please see:

A student showing a pattern of not bringing any or incomplete daily work may earn additional unexcused absences at the discretion of the professor. If you show up to class without your assigned work you will be counted absent. If you are absent, you are responsible for contacting a class member in order to get any information or assignments that were given in class.

Appropriate Student Use of Class Notes and Course Materials:
Taking notes is a means of recording information but more importantly of personally absorbing and integrating the educational experience. However, broadly disseminating class notes beyond the classroom community or accepting compensation for taking and distributing classroom notes undermines instructor interests in their intellectual work product while not substantially furthering instructor and student interests in effective learning. For additional information, please see:

Learning Outcomes of this Course Include Your Ability To:

Articulate the interdisciplinary and contextual nature of design (design research documents, presentations) (maps to UMD SLO 2, SLO 3, SLO 6)

Use theory and history in both conceptual and visual development (design research documents, presentations, final design portfolio) (maps to UMD SLO 1, SLO 4, SLO 7)

Create independent and collaborative solutions employing the design process for problem-solving (design process documents, final design portfolio) (maps to UMD SLO 1, SLO 3, SLO 5)

Solve visual communication problems across multiple media effectively and creatively (final design portfolio) (maps to UMD SLO 1, SLO 3)

Demonstrate competent use of current, industry-standard design tools and software (in-class studio work, final design portfolio) (maps to UMD SLO 1, SLO 2)

Demonstrate advanced written communication and information literacy skills in critiquing work (design research documents) (maps to UMD SLO6)

Construct and present a professional portfolio of work (final design portfolio) (maps to UMD SLO 1)

In-class "sprints," small homework assignments and in-class simulations are required and will be assigned throughout the semester.

Evaluation will be based 50% on the suite of your final marketing materials, 50% on attendance and engaged participation in all class discussions, exercises, simulations, sprints, homework, and critiques.

Special needs If you have any limitation which affects your ability to perform in the class, please see me at your earliest convenience to arrange for equitable participation. You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources (726-6130) to discuss and arrange reasonable accommodations.



1_Personal identity system


3_Social Media Job Search Strategy

4_Class Blog

5_Web Site

6_Physical portfolio

7_PDF portfolio

8_Experimental design project

The balance of emphasis on either the print portfolio or the web portfolio will be established for each student on an individual basis depending on your work and your goals.

Regular In-Class
Current Events Discussions
You will be expected to bring a brief discussion topic, based on your class blog, to class every Thursday, based on the assignments.

Presentation Emphasis
We will do a number of in-class presentation simulations over the seemster. We will support each other as a group to improve all of our presentation styles and find ways to tap our natural enthusiasm to make presentations that are thoughtful and meaningful.
Above all --- I want you to be fearless about presentations by the end of this semester.

The good news is

that the way to succeed in design is by following your heart --- tapping into the things you truly care about.

Design works for everybody when we love what we're doing.

Part I
Part II
Readings + Lectures
Week 1 Intro to career tools Dream Job  
Week 2 Intro Web & Social Media Strategy Brand Yourself; Logo Sketches

Week 3 Logo Group Critique Logo Group Critique  
Week 4 First Logo Presentation Sketches for Identity System  
Week 5 Resume Due; Identity critique Identity Due; Portfolio Plan

Week 6
Experimental Design
Experimental Design
Week 7 Experimental Design Experimental Design  
Week 8 Experimental Design Experimental Design  
Week 9 Experimental Design Experimental Design  
Week 10 Experimental Design Experimental Design  
Week 11 Experimental Design Due Website & Portfolio  
Week 12 Website & Portfolio Website & Portfolio  
Week 13 Website & Portfolio Website & Portfolio ...
Week 14 Website & Portfolio Website & Portfolio ...
Week 15 Website & Portfolio Website & Portfolio