document design | writ 4220/5220

april the 28th, 2009

Tonight we will cover some basic tips for using Photoshop for document design. In particular, we'll wrangle a couple of the images for your newsletter into good shape for printing.

Design majors will brainstorm ideas about ways to update the idea of a printed newsletter by incorporating rhetorical and graphic ideas from broadcast media, social media and other contemporary communication modes. This will result in a Top Ten ideas list they will share with the class.

We'll also look for good ideas and finishing touches in the design magazines you bring to class.

We'll make sure the writing for your newsletter is on track.

The bulk of the evening will be studio time, with individual critiques, team, and whole-class critiques as indicated by your progress in the project.


for next time

Bring the current version of your newsletter project, with all the writing in place --- printed out one-sided and ready to hang on the wall --- by the beginning of class for an in-class critique and work session.