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Thinking With Type

ABC Typography>>virtual museum

Hoefler Type



Herb Lubalin Study Center for Design + Typography


TYPO Magazine

House Industries

CHANK fonts

Posters and Related Design

Rene Wanner's Amazing Amazing Amazing Poster Page

Swiss Poster Collection, 1971-present

American Posters (Smithsonian)

Joseph Mueller-Brockman (Swiss Design Giant) tribute site

El Lissitksy Exhibition Site, Getty Museum

El Lissitzky tribute site (complex, a few images)

El Lissitzky "Here are two squares" trans. fr. Russian

Kasimir Malevich images*&query=+xdbpics%3Aalle%20+r1a_name%3A'M*'%20%20+r1a_name%3A%22malewitsch,%20kasimir%20ssewerinowitsch%22&no=1&count=50&sort=no&rid=2

Kasimir Malevich images (Artchive)

The Malevich Society (web site designed in Suprematist/Futurist style)

Aleksandr Rodchenko Exhibition (MOMA) (a few images(

Media History Project (UMN)

Italian Futurist Books

Milton Glaser's web site

American Sign Museum (store signs, road signs, etc) (a few images)

Typography 15th-20th c., University of Florida Rare Books Collection

Design Archive Online (Magazine Design & Photography)

Remember those great volkswagen ads?

April Greiman's web site



Counter Examples and PowerPoint Culture

Gettysburg Cemetary Dedication

Yours is a Very Bad Hotel, Power Point Presentation

Edward Tufte's PowerPoint Essay & Poster (for sale)

Five Experts Dispute Edward Tufte on PowerPoint

"You can't speak with the U.S. military without knowing PowerPoint." WSJ

Jim Placke's Powser Point Humor Page (U.S. Military)

PowerPoint as Art

Wired Mag on David Byrne and PowerPoint

David Byrne's PowerPoints


PowerPoint Tutorials

UMD PowerPoint Tutorial

A Longer Power Point Tutorial with Cartoon Characters