document design| comp 5220

Newsletter Project

The goal of this project is to experience the creation of a gridded template for publication of a newsletter using either a 2-colum/3-column format, or an assymetrical 7-column grid.

required elements

Original text and heads for the entire newsletter, appropriate to your chosen field, written by you.

Project will be graded on visual appeal, mechanics of using the grid system, and usability.

Heads and subheads must be real and sensible for the subject of the newsletter. Copy that jumps must be marked with both a "jump from" and "jump to" element.


completed project includes

1_One copy of a complete, four-page newsletter, either printed on a single 11 x17" sheet, or printed back-to-back and paper-clipped, or printed single-sided and taped back-to-back.

2_Photocopies of your layout sketches from your sketchbook

3_Your information hierarchy and use pattern (non-designers), or your project document (designers).

An Information Hierarchy is created by first listing the main pieces of information presented in a document, then numbering them in priority order. What do we want our audience to see first? What do we want to tell our audience about the document at a glance? The numbering goes from the essential to the optional.

A Use Pattern is a paragraph that describes the desired physical life of the document from the moment it meets its audience until it is either achived or discarded. How does the piece first meet its audience? How does the audience use the piece? Is it glanced at and remembered? Is it kept for reference? Is it used during an event and then discarded? Most importantly what is the desired result, what do we want the audience to do --- make a phone call? attend an event? solve a problem? laugh? learn? change their minds?