document design| comp 5220

poster project


The effectiveness of a poster is first a matter of standing out amongst the nose, then a matter of drawing an audience closer and closer and revealing information as desired at successive levels of detail.

Our poster project will be evaluated on this basis. Specifically we will look at how the poster operates on three levels: from across the room, at a skimming level, and at a level of detailed reading.

Ideally the poster will serve a real need for a real client, and be effective in the UMD poster environment.

completed project includes

1_ One poster (non-designers); series of four posters with unified design program (designers) printed on 11x17" paper, in color, with at least one two colors used. The poster will either be a full 8.5x11" if it has a white background, or trimmed to bleed with color edge-to-edge if a color background.

2_Poster text on a separate page, numbered in chunks as an information hierarchy.

3_Photocopies of twelve (12) sketches in your notebook, four per page, of posters you think are powerful and effective, with a location information or URL written under each.

4_Photocopies of twelve (12) sketches in your notebook, four per page, of possible designs for your original poster.

5_Your information hierarchy and use pattern (non-designers), or your project document (designers).

An Information Hierarchy is created by first listing the main pieces of information presented in a document, then numbering them in priority order. What do we want our audience to see first? What do we want to tell our audience about the document at a glance? The numbering goes from the essential to the optional.

A Use Pattern is a paragraph that describes the desired physical life of the document from the moment it meets its audience until it is either achived or discarded. How does the piece first meet its audience? How does the audience use the piece? Is it glanced at and remembered? Is it kept for reference? Is it used during an event and then discarded? Most importantly what is the desired result, what do we want the audience to do --- make a phone call? attend an event? solve a problem? laugh? learn? change their minds?