document design| comp 5220

resumé project


For this project you will compile and design a 1-2 page resumé for one of your classmates. Ideally, this document is one that will come in handy in the near future. The design of a resumé sends powerful subconscious signals to a potential employer; here we'll learn how to control some of those signals.

You will use the following design tools:

> word processing program
> purposeful choice of typeface
> grid (to organize the page)
> side heads
> white space


required content

> name
> contact information
> educational background
> employment history
> interests and activities

Note: if there is a particular professional resumé format that you need to use in the real world, inform your partner and this project can be adapted to your needs.


completed project includes


2_Photocopies of your notebook sketches.

3_Your information hierarchy and use pattern (non-designers), or your project document (designers).

An Information Hierarchy is created by first listing the main pieces of information presented in a document, then numbering them in priority order. What do we want our audience to see first? What do we want to tell our audience about the document at a glance? The numbering goes from the essential to the optional.

A Use Pattern is a paragraph that describes the desired physical life of the document from the moment it meets its audience until it is either achived or discarded. How does the piece first meet its audience? How does the audience use the piece? Is it glanced at and remembered? Is it kept for reference? Is it used during an event and then discarded? Most importantly what is the desired result, what do we want the audience to do --- make a phone call? attend an event? solve a problem? laugh? learn? change their minds?

what makes this project interesting

Resumés are a crucial document in our culture. Looking professional, accurately representing the character of the person presented, and meeting the needs of a potential employer are needs that can be harmonized by using design strategically.

Even the simplest word processing program has features that can be used to improve the design of a simple document. We will investigate some of these features.


researching the field

If you want to know what professional standards are for resumés in your field, I can point you toward paths of research that will get you that information.