essay 2
blogging in your career field

This essay will be drafted initially as a series of messages on your blog. These messages will then be "remixed" with my guidance into an essay which will be posted again on your blog in its finished form.

The subject of the blog will be the actual and potential use of blogging in your major field of career interest, or a field of endeavor that is of genuine interest to you.

The exact subject and scope of your essay will be contracted between you and me as described below.


In the course of writing your essay I want you to address the following issues:

1_Survey and critique at least three existing blogs in your field

2_Your ideas about how blogs could assist communication in the field you have identified, including at least 5 specific suggestions of techniques that already work or new techniques that could work to provide powerful communication

3_Holding and affecting an audience: commuication power in the new medium

In addition you will create a .pdf file for your text.


Required for this project are:

_an essay proposal, posted on your blog

_the total number of essay draft messages as specified in the weekly requiremtns

_a "rough mix" of your final essay, presented to me for discussion and evaluation

_a one-on-one discussion of your rough mix

_a thesis for your essay that can be summarized in a sentence

_use of subheads to title each message

_redrafting of your essay per our discussion

_composition of your remixed essay in conventional orthography and style

_posting of your essay on your blog and as a .pdf file


I will check to see that you have met the requirements for character count, numbers of messages, message topics, etc.

I will evaluate the content of your blog work by the following criteria:

_your reaction to the blogs you critiqued

_your thesis sentence and your fulfillment of that thesis in the text

_your thinking on the topics listed above in "goals"