project 1
beginning your blog

In the first few weeks you will create your own blog, which will be your class "home base" for the semester.

We will cover:

_establishment and maintenance of a Movable Type blog
_identifying a comfortable, fun focus for your blog
_basic principles of graphic design for blogs
_experimentation with, and establishment of, a basic voice and style for your blog
_developint your own blogging schedule and creative process
_basic techniques for putting photographic images on your blog
_creation of a fictional character on your blog with a unique graphic "voice"


The main goal is simple --- to create a real blog capable of drawing an audience and keeping that audience enchanted and coming back for more.

The subsidiary goals are --- to get you comfortable with the technologies, creative process, and culture of blogging, to support you in an exploration of your written relationship to your own life, to support you in an exploration of potential new powers of language and image in electronic written communication.


You must write on your blog to pass this course. But don't worry . . . most bloggers find that, ater the initial start-up period, blogging becomes an easy habit . . . some would call it an obsession. I will give you a weekly total required character count indicating the number of alphanumeric characters I expect you to post on your blog in a week.

Weekly assignments, including required character counts will be posted on the class website by 10:15 Tuesdays. Your blog postings of these total character counts will be due Sundays at midnight. I also will require specific numbers of separate messages (separated by a time/date/title head); and will require certain topics to be covered in certain messages.

I will also require you to post comments on fellow students' blogs. These comments will be included in the evaluation of your performance in this class.


I will check to see that you have met the requirements for character count, numbers of messages, message topics, etc.

I will evaluate the content of your blog work by the following criteria:

_technical proficiency in blog and blog-related techniques and technologies, including graphic design and photography

_liveliness, authenticity and power of your basic blog voice; "am I interested in this blogger? would I return to see what happens next?"

_power and interest of your fictional character voice

_daring . . . definted as: willingness to explore new stylistic territory in written/visual communication

_community interaction, both within our class and in linking to the outside world