project 2
an HTML project appended to your blog

This project will be a set of HTML web pages, accessible from your blog, that will use and explore basic HTML programming techniques that you can use to enhance the expressive power of your blog work.

The exact project will be contracted between you and me as described below.


The goal of this project is to familiarize you with HTML web page programming and how HTML code can be used within, and alongside, blogs for additional expressive power.

You will be required to show proficiency in these techniques:

_creating tables in Dreamweaver

_cutting and pasting tables into your blog

_creating a library of "snippets" for use with different voices and special messages on your blog

_use of style sheets and how to add to your Movable Type stylesheet

_evaluating what kinds of communication should be within the blog format and which should be in HTML pages

_editing HTML code directly on your blog


Required for this project are:

_a written project proposal, including design drawings, submitted to me.

_a one-on-one discussion of your proposal.

_redrafting of your proposal into a guideline document which will form the contract between you and me for the project


I will check to see that you have met the requirements for character count, numbers of messages, message topics, etc.

I will evaluate the content of your blog work by the following criteria:

_comparison of your results to your guideline document

_technical proficiency in HTML techniques and technologies, including graphic design and photography

_liveliness, authenticity and power of your writing and design

_community interaction, both within our class and in linking to the outside world

_use of the power HTML pages in the development of your project