project 3
a web work: final project

This final project will be a significant small web project using your choice of blog and html techniques.

The exact project will be contracted between you and me as described below.


The main goal is simple --- to create a real, fascinating blog-based web project capable of drawing an audience and keeping that audience coming back for more.

The subsidiary goals are: increased sophistication in your use of web techniques and technologies in the service of a project concept.


Required for this project are:

_a written project proposal, including design drawings, submitted to me.

_a one-on-one discussion of your proposal.

_redrafting of your proposal into a guideline document which will form the contract between you and me for the project


I will check to see that you have met the requirements for character count, numbers of messages, message topics, etc.

I will evaluate the content of your blog work by the following criteria:

_comparison of your results to your guideline document

_strength of your project concept and your follow through on that concept

_technical proficiency in blog and internet techniques and technologies, including graphic design and photography

_liveliness, authenticity and power of your writing

_community interaction, both within our class and in linking to the outside world

_use of the power of timing in the unfolding of your project