University of Minnesota Duluth

Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments

Welcome to the Simulation and Interaction within Virtual Environments Lab at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Image of the lab.

The SIVE Lab specializes in interactive simulations that use GPU-based resources, or benefit from interactive, immersive visualization capabilities.

The lab consists of a 21ft x 33ft space containing various Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices. Motion within the lab is tracked with either an OptiTrak system or the local tracking hardware for the different devices. This equipment allows us to provide an interactive, immersive experience in which people are able to walk around using their own locomotive abilities in a simulated 3D space. The lab is used for research, as well as teaching classes on human-computer interaction (HCI) in virtual environments. Both undergraduates and graduate students work in the lab on a regular basis.