University of Minnesota Duluth

Jerald Thomas

Undergrad Research Assistant

Jerald Thomas had an interesting spot in the lab, being an Electrical Engineering major Jerald was able to bring different perspectives to problems the lab faces. Jerald felt incredibly lucky to have the opportunities he has had. In 2012 he was awarded an undergraduate research opportunities program (UROP) grant. With that a Steve Jungst and Jerald focused on determing if a consumer grade EEG device is capable of controlling an immersive virtual environment. In the summer of 2013 Jerald took part in an on site NSF REU at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies. There Jerald and two other undergraduates worked on developing a mobile virtual reality platform, MuVR. Jerald led the hardware integration and networking on the MuVR project. Jerald was a REU recipient and worked on small projects through out the lab.

Jerald’s research interests are:

Articles and Research