University of Minnesota Duluth

Memory Task Performance across Augmented and Virtual Reality

Researchers: Dr. Pete Willemsen | William Jaros

Project Overview

Title: Memory Task Performance across Augmented and Virtual Reality Pete Willemsen, William Jaros, Charles McGregor, Edward Downs, Maranda Berndt, and Alexander Passofaro


As commodity virtual reality and augmented reality hardware becomes more accessible, the opportunity to use these systems for learning and training will increase. This study provides an exploratory look at performance differences for a simple memory matching task across four different technologies that could easily be used for learning and training. We compare time and number of attempts to successfully complete a memory matching game across virtual reality, augmented reality, a large touchscreen table-top display and a real environment. The results indicate that participants took more time to complete the task in both the augmented reality and real conditions. Augmented reality and real environments were statistically different than the fastest two conditions, which occurred in the virtual reality and table-top touch display conditions.

Recent Updates

This works was presented as a poster at the IEEE VR 2018 Conference in Reutlingen, Germany in March 2018. PDF