Midterm Exam 1



Writing Assignments


News Items


50 multiple choice questions. Approximate breakdown:

Text chapters 1–5 60%
Writing, Multimedia and News 40%

Sample Questions

Chapter 1

Charles Babbage produced a machine that could compute polynomials using Answer: p. 8

Chapter 2

A relativist claims that Answer: p. 56

Chapter 3

Which of these is not an example of direct censorship? Answer: p. 122

Chapter 4

Which philosopher argued in The Second Treatise of Government, that people have a natural right to property? Answer: pp. 163–4

Chapter 5: Information Privacy

Judith Jarvis Thomson wrote that every violation of a "privacy right" is Answer: pp. 234–5

Exam coverage of other readings (news and anthology articles) and videos is intended to evaluate whether you paid attention to them and comprehended their historical and ethical significance. For example:


In ``A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace,'' John Perry Barlow claims that the residents of cyberspace will resolve their problems and conflicts by