UMD Computer Science Department Honors Program
Application for Admission

Name: ________________________________ ID: ____________________
Email: ________________________________ Web Page: ____________________
Major(s): ________________________________ Minor: ____________________
Academic Advisor: ________________________________ Grad. Date: ____________________

Honors Advisor: ____________________________________________________________
Title of Project: ____________________________________________________________
Project Start Date: ____________________________________________________________

On a separate (non-handwritten) sheet, address the following:

  1. List the specific areas of interest you have in Computer Science.
  2. Indicate your career plans (for example, working in industry, government, or education, graduate school, etc.)
  3. Give your reasons for wanting to be in the Honors Program.
  4. Briefly describe the nature and objectives of your project.


Student: ________________________________________ Date: _________________
Project Advisor: ________________________________________ Date: _________________
Honors Coordinator: ________________________________________ Date: _________________

Be sure that your answers to the items above are attached to this application. Also attach a current copy of your transcript (it doesn't have to be official). Have you and your project advisor sign above, and then present everything to a secretary in Heller Hall 320 and ask that it be given to the Honors Coordinator.