Computer Science Internships

Computer Science internships are work experiences in which currently enrolled students work for companies willing to supervise an educational experience that is of mutual benefit to the student and the company. Although a computer science internship is not a requirement for graduation, at UMD we encourage our majors in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems to complete an internship as part of their undergraduate education.

An internship provides students with valuable experience about the working world and enables them to learn about employment opportunities that await them upon graduation. Students who have successfully completed CS 2511, Software Analysis and Design, are eminently qualified to contribute positively to a company during an internship. Internships sometimes result in offers of permanent employment.

Internships should apply directly to careers in computer science. They should be positions that are related to:

Routine jobs such as data entry clerk are not acceptable as internship positions.

Computer science internships are usually paid positions that can pay more than $20 per hour.

Internships often occur over the summer, when students are not enrolled in classes. However, if an internship is with a local company it can occur any time.