Final Report

The final report describes the internship experience. It must be correct in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing style. Papers that do not meet these standards will not be accepted.

When using technical terminology and acronyms, define them. Don't assume that everyone who reads your paper will be familiar with every computer system.

If you need some help with your writing skills, consult the UMD Writer's Workshop.

Your paper must address at least the following topics, plus any others you wish to include.

  1. Describe the company you worked for: its location, size, history, business focus, etc.

  2. Describe in moderate detail the project or projects you worked on. Documentation and code for your projects would make good appendices.

  3. Describe your contributions to these projects. Will your work be incorporated into the company environment? If you worked on public web pages for your project, include the URLs.

  4. Describe the hardware and software systems you used and whether it was difficult to get up to speed on them.

  5. Describe the nature and degree of your training and supervision during your internship. Did you receive extensive training? Were you closely supervised or fairly independent?

  6. Evaluate your internship. Was it worthwhile? How well did your school work prepare you for the internship? What impact has it had on your career plans? On your personal growth? On your understanding of the field of Computer Science? Is this a good internship for another student to take?
In addition, the following optional sections may be included:
  1. Provide a bibliography if warranted.

  2. To document your work, you may include up to 10 pages of supporting material that you produced as an appendix. This may include samples of program or HTML code that you wrote, scripts, screenshots, technical documentation, etc.
The report should be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and sent directly by email to the CS Department Internship Coordinator.