The Employer's Intern Evaluation

At the end of the internship, the employer will provide the CS Department with a confidential evaluation of the student's performance. This evaluation should describe the projects on which the student participated, the student's role on these projects, and the student's work performance. Would this student be hired again? Would the student be considered for permanent employment if available?

The evaluation should also address, where possible:

  1. the student's understanding of the fundamental mathematical, logical, statistical, and scientific principles underlying computing and information processing,

  2. the student's grasp of the principles of computer science and ability to apply this knowledge to a variety of problems, and

  3. the student's understanding and appreciation of the organization context in which the computing activities occur.
Finally, was the student's educational background adequate for this internship? Does the evaluator have any curricular suggestions for the CS Department?

The evaluation should be regarded as confidential and sent directly by email to the CS Department Internship Coordinator. Please send plain text or PDF files; no .docx files. The evaluation can also be faxed to the Coordinator at 218-726-8240.