Extending an Internship

From time to time an internship that is taken for the summer, say, is extended by the employer to continue through the fall. If the student has signed up for CS 3996 in the summer session, he or she must meet the obligation of the course by providing the final report and supervisor evalution by the end of the summer. Then, the student has two options: he or she can continue the internship either with or without re-enrolling for CS 3996.

If the student does not re-enroll, then the internship is no longer taken for academic credit but the employer/employee relationship continues as before. If the student does re-enroll, then he or she must sign up for CS 3996 in the fall in the same way as before, that is, by submitting a new form and completing the requirements just as before. Note that CS 3996 may be taken multiple times, not to exceed 3 total credits.