WSD Shell

The WSD-Shell is intended to be the successor of the Duluth-Shell which was used as a driver for the Duluth Senseval-2 and Senseval-3 systems.

As of version 0.05, we support cross validation of a single sense tagged file, or taggging of a test file based on a model learned from a single sense tagged file.

The WSD-Shell makes it much easier to run large numbers of experiments, and it includes extensive reporting capabilities.

Find more information in the WSD-Shell README. An example of the reports that can be created is found here. These are the raw results from the experiments we did for (Joshi, Pedersen, and Maclin; IICAI-2005).

Harri Saarikoski has been kind enough to provide a modified version of the wsdshell (version 0.04) that allows for the use of wekaClassify, which is something we hope to incorporate into the main release of the wsdshell soon. Until then, please find Harri's version here.

By: Ted Pedersen - tpederse AT d umn edu